Lancashire Rigs

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GeoLancashire - Promoting Geodiverity across Lancashire

What is GeoLancashire?

Geological sites and landforms are protected in the same way as important biological sites. Nationally important locations are listed as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSls) while regionally there are RIGS (Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites) which in Lancashire are known as Geodiversity Heritage Sites (GHS).

Lancashire RIGS Group was set up in 1991 but has recently adopted the more accessible name 'GeoLancashire'. The Group works particularly closely with Natural England, Lancashire County Council, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, The Environment Agency and United Utilities plc. Our work is co-ordinated with other RIGS groups regionally through the North West Geodiversity Partnership and nationally through The Association of UK RIGS Groups.

Membership is welcomed from anyone interested in geoconservation and you do not need to be a trained geologist: we can use a wide variety of skills from typing to managing a database or helping to prepare educational materials. We meet regularly at the offices of Lancashire Wildlife Trust in Bamber Bridge, Preston.

What do we do?

There are three strands to our work:

• Identifying, surveying and recording geological sites and landforms
• Selection, designation, protection and conservation of RIGS
• Promoting awareness, understanding and appreciation of Lancashire’s geology and scenery

Over 850 sites have been investigated in the county and of these approximately 100 have been notified so far as GHS to local councils. Many of the above sites may qualify as being important at the district, rather than regional, level and we look forward to working with local councils in drawing up lists of such sites.