Lectures and Excursions

The group holds meetings and talks at Hanson’s cement works near Clitheroe.

The dates and times of which will be posted on this page


                      Summer Field Excursions to date

Dates for field trips for the early part of summer…more to follow as dates are confirmed.

“Could members who are interested in any of the forthcoming field excursions please             contact the leaders as it will help arranging transport if necessary”

Date                                                   Location                                                   Leader/s

28th April                       The coal measures of  Todmorden Moor                               Peter del Strother

Following the Todmorden Moor Geology and Heritage trail. Boots, waterproof clothing and a packed lunch will be required.

8th May                           Trowbarrow and Keer                                                                Barbara Gordon & Peter del Strother

In association with Manchester Geological Association will be looking at the Silverdale disturbance at Trowbarrow quarry and an igneous site near Carnforth. All walking is easy, no hills and less than one kilometre at each site

19th June                                            Llangollen                                                                   Peter del Strother

Details to follow


24th July                                     Crummackdale                                                Barbara Gordon & Peter del Strother




The trip will start from Horton in Ribblesdale and go via Moughton, down Crummack Dale to Austwick.

Meet at Horton in Ribblesdale 10.30am , SD 805725 on the minor road as indicated by arrow in attached map. Cars can be parked along here.

Wear boots, bring packed lunch.

It would be good have a few cars at Austwick to ferry people back to Horton at the end of the trip…It will be quite a long trudge back otherwise.

I will go to Austwick first thing ( 10.10am)  and can ferry a few people up to the start location.

So volunteers, please, for people prepared  to leave their cars at Austwick. Depending on numbers, two or three cars should be sufficient.

There is usually parking available on the road near the top of the town SD 768686, near the school as indicated in the attached map

Can people (a)  let me know who will be coming on the trip and (b) if you would be prepared to leave your car at Austwick to help ferry people back at the end.


There are no facilities between the start and finish of the excursion, so attendees will need to bring packed lunches and drinks etc.

Walking distance and conditions:

From Horton to the highest point at the top of Crummack Dale is about 90m climb in 1.5km. After that it is downhill all the way. Total lateral distance is between 5 and 6km. The final kilometre or so of the route is down Crummack Lane, a metalled road which runs into Austwick. If someone is struggling to walk the distance a car could be driven up the lane to collect them.

There are a few stiles, typically over drystone walls and so quite high. They all have good steps. Otherwise paths are of ‘easy hill walking’ standard. Some are bridleways. A short distance, perhaps a hundred metres, at the top just before the descent into the dale is over partially vegetated limestone pavement.

The exposures at Nappa Scars are at two levels. Access to the upper one is straight forward. Access to the lower one is well worth the effort but the grassy bank below is quite steep and would be slippery in the wet. Attendees will have to make up their own minds about whether they can access the lower exposure safely. I will bring photographs of the lower exposure to discuss at the upper exposure, so those choosing to stay at the upper exposure will not miss out.

What is the geological interest:

Crummack Dale exposes one of the Craven inliers. We will see Carboniferous limestones, Silurian turbidites (with cleavage in the mudstone facies), a Silurian mudstone with spectacular liesegang rings, a well exposed syncline in Silurian rocks and a superb and very unusual non-planar unconformity where a Carboniferous limestone / siliciclastic conglomerate overlies bedded and cleaved Ordovician basement. Those willing to walk an extra 0.5km will also see the famous Norber erratics.

All this is set in a glaciated landscape.

If you have one please bring a compass, or a compass clinometer. We will measure the strike of the Silurian rocks. We should be able to measure the strike of the cleavage too. Rather more challenging we will attempt to measure the strike of the Ordovician, bedding and cleavage.

The Settle Memoir (Sheet 60) has a chapter on the area but Crummack Dale crosses the boundary between BGS Sheets 60 and 50. I have the ‘solid and drift’ version of Sheet 60. The hard rock geology would be much easier to understand in the ‘solid’ edition.

For flower lovers, two carnivorous plants can be seen in the dale. Butterwort was in flower at my recce in June but only the leaves will be on show in July. The round leaved sundew should be in leaf by mid July and we should see some examples where I saw them last year.



2nd August                                     Troutbeck                                                               Lesley Collins

Details for Garburn Pass trip:

The proposed trip, walking down the Silurian/Ordovician succession to the top of the BVS, is up a gently rising track, stony in parts but good accessibility for the group, on a linear route just over 2 miles in length, then a strait forward return back the same way.     There are a few more sites up on Sour Moor but I didn’t have the time or energy to do it on my recce so it could be an optional extra if people are up for it.  Although some of the exposures are not ‘spectacular’, they are clear enough, and the views out are superb!

Meet:  10.30am at GR NY424006, Moorhowe road/Dubbs road junction, with space for parking cars.

Facilities:  café, toilets, shop etc at the Ings Service area on the A591, immediately before the Moor Howe Road turning.

Bring packed lunch etc. Boots, waterproofs etc.

Route: entirely on Dubbs road track, about 4 miles return, walking down the Silurian succession onto the Ordovician and the top of the Borrowdale Volcanic Group.

Please let me know if you intend to come


Barbara Gordon

A new date has been rearranged for the trip to Llangollen. It will be on Wednesday 22nd August.

The trip will now also include a visit to Brymbo.

Brymbo has fossil coal measure ‘trees’ in situ and other coal measure related geology, situated on the site of an old steel works near Wrexham.     http://www.brymboheritage.co.uk

Meet details for the Geolancs trip to Brymbo / Llangollen –  Wednesday 22nd August


In the morning we will visit Brymbo ,   where we will visit the fossil forest which was discovered in 2003.


This is on the  site of an old Brymbo Steelworks which is now being managed as an Industrial Heritage site. http://www.brymboheritage.co.uk/

We will be hosted by Tim Astrop, who is an palaeontologist. He will also give us a little bit of background on the history of the steel works & associated coal mining.

Parking on-site. Location  http://www.brymboheritage.co.uk/find-us/  . Meet at 10.30am at the car park at the heritage site.

In the afternoon, we will visit Trefor rocks, near Llangollen:  Asbian and Brigantian limestones. Palaeokarst with pebble conglomerate. Horizons with colonial corals and puzzling sedimentary structures. Unusual oolitic limestone with thin ‘beds’ of superficial ooliths (with quartz cores) alternating with thin ‘beds’ of quartz grains.

Short uphill walk up very good path on old quarry incline and a further short uphill also on a good quality path. No stiles. A short easy scramble through a rocky outcrop.  No hammering. No facilities.

The meeting place will be at a small grassy carpark (enough for half a dozen cars) at NGR SJ 23404325. It is about 200m east of the nearby, very oblique, T-junction. There are one or two other small pull offs if the car park is full.

We will agree afternoon meeting time at the completion of the morning session. Packed lunch probably easiest, although it should be possible to find pub/ café en-route between the two sites