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2018 16 November Professor Steve Donovan – Naturalis, Leyden, Netherlands speaking about the geology of Jamaica

An excellent talk was given by Professor Steve Donovan on the geology of Jamaica, beginning with a brief description of the island’s tectonic journey to its present position.


Tectonic movement of Jamaica

Then followed a chronological introduction of some eminent geologists who had mapped and described the island over the last two centuries.

The talk focused on an exposed “bottle” shaped cave known locally as “Red Hills Cave .

It is thought that during the late pleistocene, the cave entrance was on a sloping surface of a limestone sequence and as creatures were washed in they couldn’t escape and so were drowned



Bottle shaped caves showing in and outflow of Calcium rich water

Because the cave water was rich in CaCo3 the creatures were calcified very quickly (a matter of days in some cases) preserving them into the spectacular fossil specimens found today , including birds, crabs, millipedes and countless others.

P.D.S. thanked Professor Donovan on behalf of the group who stayed a little longer to help members identify fossils they had brought along