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Preesall Salt, 06/11/2018           Evaluation trip for a Potential Preesall Geotrail

One of the Preesall “flashes” or cavern collapse areas

George Williamson, Christine Critchley and Barbara Gordon walked the circuit intended for a Geotrail around the Preesall salt caverns

The area is steeped in industrial history involving the removal of the Triassic salt deposits buried beneath several meters of glacial and post glacial material and capped by Mercia mudstone.

About halfway we were met by Phil Bracewell, the brother in law of G.W. who fishes in the collapsed areas of the salt caverns and because of his meetings with Halite had some interesting inside knowledge of the recent events and future projects regarding the storage of natural gas. He also told us how several years ago the Perch in one of the lakes had altered pigmentation due to the earlier levels on brine.

The circuit we took is mostly level and easy under foot and will take a little over half a day to complete with stops for discussions.

While very little solid geology is visible, the geomorphology of the area is very interesting (far too much to go into on this blog) and although maybe not enough to see physically, this trip when all the information is collated (including the possibility of a contact with a representative from Halite) will make an interesting talk.