Promoting Geodiversity across Lancashire

What is GeoLancashire?

GeoLancashire is an amalgamation of the Lancashire Group of the Geologists’ Association with the Lancashire RIGs Group. The Lancashire Group of the Geologists’ Association was established in 1922 as the first of the Geologists’ Association of London’s regional Local Groups, whose aim is to encourage interest in geology through lectures and excursions. The RIGs group was formed in 1991 to promote GeoConservation. Recognising that our membership already overlapped and that our activities were complementary, the two organisations formally became one in 2014 and adopted the name “GeoLancashire” for the new combined group.

The activities and interests of GeoLancashire combine those of the two former groups with a programme of winter lectures and summer excursions for members and a continued commitment to GeoConservation. GeoLancashire is affiliated to the NW Geodiversity Partnership and GeoUK and has close working links with many county-based organisations, especially the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside and the Lancashire Environmental Records Network.