A New Plan for Geoconservation in Lancashire

Since 1991  GeoLancashire has focussed its efforts on identifying and surveying a wide range of geological and landform sites across the county; the selection and designation of over 100 of these as Local Geodiversity Sites (LGS), and implementing a programme of interpretation in relation to a number of these.

Nationally, there has recently been a move to create Geodiversity Action Plans to parallel the already existing Biodiversity Action Plans. These Plans are required firstly, in order to raise awareness of the need for geoconservation generally, and secondly, to ensure a coherent and integrated approach to geoconservation in the medium to long term.

Drawing on the progress made in other parts of the country and especially the work of Natural England to co-ordinate and suggest a common framework for such plans, GeoLancashire published it’s LGAP for the county in 2004 and will shortly by starting the first five-yearly review of progress.

Download the Lancashire Geodiversity Action Plan

Many statutory and voluntary organisations will be individually consulted about the next phase of the plan but we welcome reactions from everyone. When the consultation process begins, we will hold at least one meeting where interested parties may discuss the plan with a view to making it more robust. If you would like to share your views with us about the Plan or any aspect of geoconservation, contacts us now!