Notified LGS in Lancashire

Site NoDISTRICT / SITE10km grid squaresGrid referenceType
Bl 1Alum Scar, PleasingtonSD 62 NWSD 635 280Disused quarry
Bl 2Billinge Hill. BlackburnSD 62 NESD 658 282Disused quarry & natural crags
Bl 3Cadshaw Gorge, Darwen/TurtonSD 71 NWSD 707 181Natural outcrop and disused quarry
Bl 4Jumbles ReservoirSD 71 SW and SD 71 NWSD 736 149Coal seams and fossil tree in quarry face
B l5Round Barn (Naze) QuarrySD 71 NWSD 728 192Disused quarry in Rough Rock and Lower Haslingden Flags
Bu 1Copy Clough, Towneley Park, BurnleySD 83 SESD 853 308Cannel coal overlain by dark splintery shale with fossils
Bu 2Holme Chapel, Cliviger valleySD 83 SE and SD 82 NESD 880 275Stream section & hillside outcrop
Bu 3Hurstwood - SheddenSD 82 NESD 890 300Stream section
Bu 4Wasnop Edge/Delf HillSD 93 SW SD 83 SESD 910 325Suite of meltwater channels
Bu 5Coal CloughSD 92 NWSD 904 273Stream section with coal seam and marine band
Bu 6Snipe Rake, AccringtonSD 72 NESD 787 293Disused quarry
C 1Anglezarke & Leicester Mill QuarriesSD 61 NWSD 618 164Disused quarries in Namurian Fletcher Bank Grit
C 2Dean Brook - RivingtonSD 61NWSD 630 154Lancashire Wildlife Trust reserve - access by permit only
C 3Dean Brook - White Coppice and Sronstrey BankSD 61 NWGrid squares SD 6118, 6218Fault controlled scarp, stream section & disused lead mines
C 4Denham Hill Quarry, BrindleSD 52 SESD 591 229Disused quarry in Revidge Grit with large ironstone nodules
C 5Jack Green, BrindleSD52NESD 596 252Stream bank exposing marine band in shales between Revidge Grit and Hazel Greave Grit
C 6Lead Mines Clough, AnglezarkeSD 61 NWSD 629 163Stream section with fault, marine band, coal seam & disused lead mines
C 7Mawdesley Road CuttingSD 41 NESD 497 150Road cutting in Triassic sandstone
C 8The Horr, River Darwen, HoghtonSD 62 NWSD 628 263Proto- Darwen river diversion gorge & disused quarry in Revidge Grit
C 9River Yarrow, Eccleston BridgeSD 51 NWSD 513 177Very active river meander
C 10Chorley MoraineSD 62 SWSD 602 233Stagnant ice features and meltwater channel
C 11River Lostock, Cuerden Valley ParkSD 52 NESD 567 235Meandering river within major meltwater channel
F 1Lytham St. Annes - Starr Hills DunesSD 33 SWSD 310 305Rare dune system
H1Snipe Rake, AccringtonSD 72 NESD 787 293Disused quarry
H2Oswaldtwistle MoorSD 72 SWSD 737 244Hummocky moraine: blanket bog
H3Turn Hill, WhalleySD 73 NWSD 738 354Pendle Grit outcrop on hillock
L 1Burton Well, SilverdaleSD 47 NE & SD 47 SESD 470 753Limestone emergent and well, surrounded by striking cliffs and areas of pavement.
L 2Catshaw Greave, BowlandSD 55 SESD 558 522Stream section demonstrating glacial till and incised meanders
L 3Dunald Mill Hole, Nether KelletSD 56 NWSD 515 677Entrance to cave system, only accessible to potholers
L 4Heysham Head & Red Nab (010?)SD 46 SWSD 407 615Cliffs - coastal & inland; wave-cut platform
L 5Jack Scout/Silverdale shoreSD 47 NE and SD 47 SESquares SD 4573, 4574, 4575Three sites along Silverdale shore of Morecambe Bay
L 6Kirk House, Over KelletSD 56 NWSD 525 697Inland limestone crags and pavement (same strata at Trowbarrow)
L 7Lundsfield Quarry North, CarnforthSD 46 NE and SD 47 SESD 499 699Old sand quarry associated with BHS in residential development
L 8Red Bank coastal drumlin, Bolton le SandsSD 46 NESD 471 679Drumlin (with trig point) with large erratic boulders
L 9River Keer section, CapernwraySD 57 SWSD 530 719Small stream section
L 10Swantley reef knoll, Nether KelletSD 56 NWSD 524 677Limestone reef knoll
L 11Wegber Quarry, CapernwraySD 57 SWSD 530 722Old limestone quarry with trace fossils
L 12Whorley's MossSD 56 NWSD 500 687Kettlehole/mire
L 13Kellet Quarries (details to be revised)SD 56 NWSD 5169Working quarries in Urswick Limestone
L 14Rough Lot and Gibson Wood CollierySD 56 SWSD 526 611Ancient coal workings, bell pits; mainly industrial archaeology
L 15Artle Beck GorgeSD 56 SESD 552 624Downstream from grid reference -glacial diversion gorge; major section in Ward's Stone Sandstone (potential for SSSI designation)
L 16Baines Crag (nearby bioturbated sst with fossils)SD 56 SWSD 542 619Ward's Stone Sandstone exposures and viewpoint
L 17Halton gorge and Quernmore valleySD 56 SWGrid squares SD 5160, 5161, 5261, 5262, 5263, 5264, 5164, 5064Extensive suite of glacial and fluvioglacial landforms
L 18Conder HeadSD 56 SWGrid squares SD 5360, 5361, 5461Glacial meltwater channels
L 19Warton Dolines, Deepdale Pond, Hawes Water and Three BrothersSD 47 NE and SD 47 SEGrid squares SD 4973, 4974, 4975, 4776Dolines
L 20Cockersand Abbey coastal rockSD 45 SWSD 427 533Rare outcrop of Sherwood (Triassic) sandstone
Cockersand Abbey FarmSD 45 SWSD 431 536Large erratic boulder of Shap granite
L 21River Lune at TunstallSD 67 SESD 600 730Active river channel
L 22Warton CragSD 47 SESD 491 724Dinantian limestones around Warton Crag Quarry (NGR given) and Scout Quarry
L 23Caton DykeSD 56 SESD 5631 6300Exposure in Caton Dyke
L 24Swaintley HillSD 56 SESD 5861 6257Fluvio-glacial perforation deposit
L 25Little Fell QuarrySD 56 SWSD 5089 6000Ward's Stone Sandstone; west limb of Quernmore syncline
Pen1Castercliffe & Tum HillSD 83 NESD 885 384 SD 885 387Bell pit/mineshafts and glacial drainage channel
Pen2Salterforth railway cuttingSD 84 NESD 889 459Pendleside limestone
P 1Bradleys sand pit, Broughton (at risk?)SD 53 SWSD 510 340Quarry. Partly used for waste recycling - needs checking
P 2River Brock, Brock BottomSD 54 SWGrid squares SD 5341, 5442, 5441River incised through Upper Bowland Shales with marine band
P 3Penwortham Old BridgeSD 52 NWSD 530 282Outcrops of Triassic Sherwood sandstone in stream bed best seen at low tide
P 4Higher BrockholesSD 53 SESD 585 305Former floodplain sand pit
RV 1Brennand and Whitendale valleys, BowlandSD 65 SE and SD 65 SWSD 653 533 to SD 659 573 and SD 6354 & 6454Stream sections in Pendle Grit aand Bowland Shales in Whitendale and Brennand rivers
RV 2Crag Wood and Bracken Hill Quarries, Trough of BowlandSD 65 SWSD 628 518Disused quarry in folded limestone at Sykes anticline
RV 3Cutlers and Dale House Quarries, near ChippingSD 64 SWSD 624 401Disused Pendleside limestone quarries
RV 4Dinckley Gorge, Salesbury/DuttonSD 63 NESD 675 358Glacial diversion gorge displaying section through Sabden Shales, Warley Wise Grit, Copster Green sst, Pendle Grit
RV 5Fooden sulphur spring, near Bolton by BowlandSD 74 NESD 799 489Spring
RV 6Hodder river section, near Great MittonSD 73 NW and SD 64 SE SD 700 400River bank section in Lower Bowland Shales
RV 7Lane Head/Hookcliffe Brook,DownhamSD 74 SESD 798 432Stream section in Hodderense to Pendleside limestone
RV 8Nick of Pendle, Pendle HillSD 73 NESD 772 385Disused quarries in Pendle Grit
RV 9Phynis Beck. SlaidbumSD 75 NW and SD 75 SWSD 713 550Stream section in Hodder Mudstone Formation
RV 10Sandy Bridge Quarry, Hurst GreenSD 63 NESD 682 387Disused quarry in Warley Wise Grit
RV 11Sugar Loaf and Boarsden Quarries, BowlandSD 65 SESD 671 507 and SD 684 501Disused quarries in Clitheroe limestone
RV 12Wiswell Moor Quarry, near WhalleySD 73 NESD 753 370Disused quarry in Pendle Grit
RV 13Blacksticks FarmSD 54 SESD 594 426Small outcrop of Bowland Shales on the Thornley anticline
RV 14Stakes FarmSD 64 SWSD 646 438Outcrop of Pendleside Limestone Fm in core of Thornley anticline. Hodder glacial diversion?
RV 15Dinkling GreenSD 64 NW and SD 64 NEGrid squares SD 6346, 6446, 6546, 6447Cluster of Waulsortian mudmounds with mineralisation
RV 16Bowland KnottsSD 76 SWSD 726 606Outcrop of Brennand Grit and watershed
RV 17Skirden BeckSD74 NESD 781 484Active braided/meandering channel
RV 18Hall Hill Quarry (at risk)SD 64 NESD 667 466Classic cross-section of Waulsortian mudmound
RV 19Bashall BrookSD 74 SWSD 723 432Excellent exposure in glacial/fluvioglacial deposits. Esker.
RV 20Cross Hill QuarrySD74 SWSD 745 434Exposure of Chatburn Limestone
RV 21Blue Scar, WhitendaleSD 65 SE and SD 65 SWSD 656 546Hind Sandstone injected into Bowland Shales
Ross1Stacksteads gorge SD 81 NESD 806 168 Glacial diversion gorge
Ross2Hill End SD 82 SWSD 822 224Kame terrace
Ross3Mam Hill SD 81 NWSD 812 156Part of extensive meltwater channel suite
Ross4Thurns Head QuarrySD 81 NWSD 873 187Massive load structures and industrial archaeology
Ross5Fletcher Bank QuarrySD 81 NESD 806 168Excellent series of cross-sections through deltaic channels
Ross6Reaps MossSD 82 SWSD 892 231Saddle mire with dated peat cores
Ross7Newchurch erraticSD 82 SWSD 8334 2272Large Ribblesdale ice erratic
Ross8Lee and Green's QuarrySD 82 SESD 865 209Quarrying/industrial archaeology
SR 1Roach Bridge. SamlesburySD 52 NESD 599 289Stream section in Triassic Sherwood sandstone.
SR 2Bannister Hall WeirSD 52 NWSD 5888 2811River section in Sherwood Sandstone
WL 1Aughton Park Station, AughtonSD 40 NWSD 407 067Railway cutting through Triassic sandstone
WL 2Crossens Pumping Station, near SouthportSD 32 SESD 377 207 (check GR)Erratic boulder of Criffel granite
WL 3Pimbo Bush Quarry, SkelmersdaleSD 50 SWSD 515 031Disused quarry in Westphalian sandstones and shales
WL 4Scarth Hill Quarry, OrmskirkSD 40 NWSD 430 067Disused quarry in Triassic Sherwood sandstone
WL 5Skellow Clough. BisphamSD 41 SESD 488 128Stream section showing Carboniferous/Permian unconformable boundary
WL 6The Ruff, OrmskirkSD 40 NWSD 428 075Disused quarry in Triassic Sherwood sandstone. In country park.
WL 7Sollom erraticsSD 41 NESD 4549 1853Large Lake District Borrowdale Volcanic erratics at field entrance and Namurian erratic 10m away.
W 1Barnacre Brook, near PrestonSD 54 NWSD 511 460River section. Marine band within turbidites
W 2Wild Goose Wood, near GarstangSD 54 NWSD 504 452Railway cutting. Triassic Sherwood sandstone
W 3Knott End/Preesall drumlinsSD 34 NW and SD 34 NEGrid squares SD 3445, 3446, 3447, 3543, 3544, 3545, 3546, 3547, 3644, 3645, 3646, 3647River bank section showing till and drumlin field to landward